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How do I find Existing Resources and Add New Ones?

Who is the Target Audience?

  • HSI STEM faculty who want to advance their leadership and enhance professional develop towards increasing Latinx STEM student success
  • Latinx students pursuing advanced technological education associate degrees or certificates
  • HSI administrators who want to increase advanced technological education capacity at their institution to serve Latinx Students
  • Others already in the ATE Community who wish to expand their Knowledge of HSIs


What types of Resources are in the HSI ATE Hub?

We include webinar recordings, peer-reviewed publications, videos, presentations, and success stories covering topics such as:

  • How to develop competitive ATE proposals at your HSI
  • Curriculum enhancement and development to improve Latinx student success
  • Data, Theories, and Research Models to inform your ATE research project
  • Professional development to improve Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity
  • Professional development for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Inclusion
  • Example technician training modules in Spanish