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Upcoming Events

Event / Link Date Location HSI ATE Hub Sessions / Contacts
ATE PI Conference Oct 19-23, 2020 Virtual tbd



June 27-30, 2021 Long Beach, CA



Resources and Reports from Prior Events

Event / Link Date Location HSI ATE Hub Sessions / Resources
ATE PI Conference 10/24-26/18 Washington DC

Synergy Session

Breakfast Roundtable

Exhibit Booth

AHSIE 4/14-17/19 Riverside, CA  Connect with Caroline VanIngen-Dunn
ASEE 6/16-19/19 Tampa, FL Peer-reviewed Paper in 2-year Track - Cynthia Pickering
HI-TEC 7/22-25/19 St. Louis, MO

Mentor-Connect Summer Workshop - Elaine Craft

HSI ATE Hub Presentation  -  Elaine Craft

SFAz Internship Program - Anita Grierson

ATE PI Conference 10/23-25/19 Washington DC

Panel Discussion: How ATE PIs and HSIs engage Hispanic Students in Technician Programs    Video Recording
Mel Cosette, Ronnie Brannon, Chander Arora, Diego Tibaquira, Cynthia Pickering

Demonstration: Emery Dewitt, Rick Roberts, Anna Tanguma

Virtual Webinar 4/2/20 Virtual

Culturally Responsive Instruction in HSIs  Video Recording      Slides 

ASEE June 21-24, 2020 Virtual 

Paper    Video Presentation   Slides



July 27-30, 2020 Virtual

Session 1: ATE PI Panel Video