This week-long program is a hands-on experience using multiple SONAR and ROV marine systems. Participants will log time on research vessels, and collect data using ROVs, sonars, and other sensors while learning multiple applications of these technologies.

This is an exciting opportunity for participants with little to no experience using this equipment. The Marine Technology Camp is designed to offer college-age students a chance to learn about and use several technologies and deploy the equipment to gather data applied to various subsea investigations. 

Activities and facilities:

  • Work aboard research vessels: 56 ft. Northwestern
  • Multiple shipwrecks, Ecosystem/Habitat, Geology/Glacial features investigations in Grand Traverse Bay
  • Pipeline and Infrastructure investigations in Grand Traverse Bay
  • Operate multiple ROV systems
  • Utilize marine data collection software
  • Mobilization, Calibration, and Operation of sonar systems including:
  • Side Scan Sonar, Scanning and Imaging Sonar, and Multibeam Sonar
  • Workshop
ATE Area:
  • Engineering Technologies
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