Central Community College, in partnership with the National Center for Next Generation Manufacturing, is cosponsoring four professional development opportunities this summer!

During each of these trainings, the facilitators and college instructors will build separate trainers from the beginning and go through lessons which are part of the web-based course. The goal of these trainings are that local community colleges will work with high schools to offer dual credit to the high schools. In Nebraska, the community college is providing the instructor of record for the college credit and the facilitator helps the students and provide classroom management, but your school may choose to use these trainers differently. Those interested are welcome to participate in one or all the classes and will receive a stipend for each course participated in. The courses must be taken in sequential order.

Fourth Course: Application of Industrial Sensors

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  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
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Mechatronics Professional Development #4 - Application of Industrial Sensor.ics


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