New Opportunity: CASCADE Apprenticeship Program

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A graphic image promoting the CASCADE Apprenticeship Program

The CASCADE (Commons-Accelerated Silicon Crossroads Apprenticeships for Demands in Engineering) Apprenticeship Program is a groundbreaking initiative developed by the Silicon Crossroads Microelectronics Commons Hub (SCMC), Purdue University, and Synopsys. This collaborative effort aims to propel the future of microelectronics in the United States by cultivating a highly skilled workforce for this essential industry.

The CASCADE Apprenticeship Program blends academic and hands-on experiences. Students begin with a year at Purdue University, gaining a solid theoretical foundation in semiconductor design. The program continues with practical work experience alongside industry leaders like Synopsys, equipping students with the skills needed to thrive in the semiconductor industry.

The Silicon Crossroads Microelectronics Commons Hub fosters innovation and workforce development, supporting the CASCADE program to achieve excellence in domestic microelectronics. Purdue University, known for its strong engineering programs, provides the academic foundation for CASCADE students, even those who may not be pursuing a traditional 4-year degree. Synopsys, a leader in semiconductor design software, offers hands-on industry experience, helping students transition seamlessly into the workforce.

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